Looks or personality? Guys what is more important?

would you rather have a gorgeous hot (10/10) girl that wasn't really that nice and always had other guys. or a averagely cute (6/10) girl that was really sweet and only had eyes for you

be honest

most people say personality is more important but why do I always get overlooked for hot girls? do guys not even care about personality I never feel like I'm pretty enough. even if a guy does go out with a not hot girl is it because he knows he can't do better or is he really happy with her? even guys that aren't that good looking themselves act like they only want hot girls. should I just get an extreme overhaul makeover and become really hot so I can be happier in relationships? I really think that will make a difference what do you think


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  • hehe, that one is simple.

    most guys go for personality before looks, as long as she isn't physically disgusting

    -> face is more important than body, btw, that's why you'll never hear the term 'butterbody', but you might stumble upon a 'butterface' every then and when.

    -> the funny thing is, is that most guys actually go for the 'sort of' pretty girl who sits in the back of the class, gets good grades and never talks... they just won't admit it because they don't think they have a chance with that kind of girl...

    in other words, your typical 10/10 girl tends to be fairly average actually, they just have a certain dress code which... well, shows of the goods and sends a relatively clear message ("hey, I'm easy")

    ... so its the guys who go for sluts who have a low self esteem and don't think they can do any better

    -> and bigger boobs can't be the solution to your relationships... because if that's the reason your guy cares about you... well...

    -> so character is more important to most guys than looks (would you really want a guy who cares more about your looks that your character anyway).

    P.S.: don't worry, you'll find a guy who loves you and treats you well.


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  • Well if you can make yourself hotter with a makeover and you feel comfortable with your new look then that's fine but the thing is men pursue women based on looks but you really don't choose who you fall in love with. As long as men get to know you they can't help but look beyond the outside.

  • Pretty, smart, sane: pick two. They're weighted in that order. The good personality is supposed to emerge out of a combination of the smarts and sanity.

  • I would go with the 6/10 chick in your example because the 10/10 chick just seems like a bitch. In the example you put forward, the cute chick is better then the hot chick.

  • I look for both. I wouldn't date a girl who was super hot, but was stuck up or a jerk.


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