Girls, have you ever tried this to lighten your hair?

I'm at the beach and I would like lighter hair. I'm currently a medium/light shade of brunette and I'm curious I bought lemon juice to lighten it. If I sit out in the sun with my hair soaked in lemon juice will my hair lighten a little? Of you have ever tried it. Did you have success? Did you have a super string smell of lemon?


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  • It does lighten your hair! I do it at my ends sometimes, I have dark brown hair with red highlights, and since my hair was light brown with red and blonde highlights when I was little, it kind of brought that color back.
    You have to do it multiple times before it actually shows though, and it wears off obviously since its temporary.
    Also, warning! Don't do it too much, the acid in lemons can be bad for your hair, so do a coconut oil hair mask once a week to even it out. Coconut oil is super beneficial for your hair. Coconut oil doesn't come in liquid form, so just heat it up a bit in the microwave so its liquid, then divide your hair, and slather it on your hair, put your hair in a bun, and cover with a shower cap. Leave on for 30 min-2/3 hours. (Or overnight)
    Don't use conditioner when you wash it out, it will make it greasy. You may have to shampoo twice to get it all out, and don't put as much coconut oil on the top of you hair or on your scalp (its optional on your scalp anyways)


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