My crush just got back from Iraq, totally discharged from the army. Help, I want to win over his heart?!?!

My crush just got back from Iraq and he's totally discharged from the army. When he got back we met up and talked for a few. He knows I have a crush on him and he's always telling me he likes my style, I'm hot and flirting with me. I know he just got back and he needs to get some, but I'm not that type of girl. I'm waiting for a long term relationship. So, I told him that. I was like I haven't seen you in over 7 years therefore I want 2 get 2 know you better and possibly date u. He said that I can't blame him for needing sex and he hopes I don't think he's a piece of sh*t. I was like no I don't, you just have 2 understand where I'm coming from. Now that he knows that I want more, he's still talking 2 me and plans on taking me out on a date this week. Does that mean that he possibly wants more too or is he just trying to sleep with me? I mean he's a hot guy, he could have anyone he wants. I want to be the "mouse" in this situation and have him chase me. And I want him 2 fall in love with me, I could see myself with this guy for a very long time, if not forever! Any advice?


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  • Totally discharged, what as in he's on leave or he's upped and left for good? If he's on leave you'd be best to tread careful my love.

    Don't give everything away to him on the first date. Create a veil of mystery for yourself, just let slip the bare details, blokes love a bit of intreige, it'll spark his interest and have him running back for more. Remember men chase, women choose.

    However you can't force someone to fall in love with you, which I'm sure you're well aware of . Best of luck hun, there's nothing like a military man!

    • He's done serving his time and he's back hm for good. Thank you 4 the wonderful advice! I told him that I wanted a relationship and that's what I'm waiting on, that one guy that sets himself apart from all the others. He said that he understands that and we'll see what happens. I want 2 sleep with him BUT I know I can't give it up until at least the 3rd date. I want him 2 see the new me, after so many yrs. I'm usually the cat and being the mouse is so dang hard, but I can't let him get away. Ty :)

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  • My advice may not help you here because I have a negative opinion of guys who treat sex like it's an itch they need to scratch. it is not something you NEED.

    My guess is that he is trying to sleep with you, BUT if I turn out to be wrong he will still want to move quickly in the relationship and not take it slow just because people in the service become accustomed to living life at a fast pace and not having very much time to do things.

    • Thank you :) I appreciate your advice!

  • No man NEEDS sex, that's no excuse. You can have a high libido or a low one, but regardless I've never met anyone who's continued existence rested on the act of intercourse.

    If he just wants to get laid, tell him to look elsewhere.

    From the sounds of it you best not get your hopes up, this guy (albeit from my massively ill informed view) doesn't sound like a happy ever after story for you.

    Remember, you have a crush on him, that does not suddenly mean your meant for each other or you'll have a happy ever after, or even a happy-right-now.

    • I don't think he means it like he "needs" it so to speak, I might of worded it wrong. He wants to have sex and I said that I'm not that type of girl that just bangs on the first date. I'd like to take things slow and get to know each other better. He agreed with me and we are taking things slow. My main thing is, do you think he's taking it slow because he wants to get in my pants or because he wouldn't mind getting in a relationship. Any advice on hooking him...? Thanks :)

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