Girls, I hate today's fashion?

hey girls, what would you prefer? me dressed in a harrighton wearing a fred perry, brouges, skinny black jeans or me wearing a hoddie a replth lauren, nikes and some trackies?

  • Harringtons and fred perry's
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  • disguting chav look
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  • Choice A is pretty hot in my opinion. Depends on what girls' tastes are in guys' clothing. But you honestly shouldn't care what people think. Wear whatever you feel the most comfortable with and you'll be fine. Also, who gives a damn about today's fashion? Just because it's popular doesn't mean you have to instantly buy and wear it to be socially acceptable. You get me?
    Clothes aren't supposed make you who you are, who you are determines the way you dress. Society says "Wear this and that to be this type of person (cool, popular, etc.)" But what's the fun of that? Be who you are and be proud.


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  • I have no idea what any of that is. What the hell happened to a straight up t-shirt and jeans? Seriously. The heck is a fred perry? Also what is chav? What is this world? Why no wear normal people clothes?

    • look them up, chav is a word commonly used in the UK for white trash. lowlifes who dont put any effort into anything

    • Well white trash is not good but skinny jeans are terrible. So...

  • Dress like you want. Ladies shouldn't decide, you, the owner of your body should.

    I prefer a laid back look with effort.

  • I voted for the skinny jeans, because skinny jeans are rad and Nike's are overpriced for a name brand check mark. But at the same time, even though skinny jeans are better in my opinion, I don't advise those either. I once went an entire 2 weeks of wearing different pairs of skinny jeans, and I ended up with this huge bruise the size of my entire calf. The best fashion is just to go shopping and whatever you put on that makes you feel and look great, its perfect.

  • Both sound awful to me

    • what would you suggest? you're American do you know what a harrighton and fred perry are?

    • Yeah we have a thing called google. You can use it to look up stuff.

      What Prettygurl12 said. Just a normal shirt and jeans.

  • I would much rather prefer a more, how do you say, stylish look. I've never been a fan of the lazy, what-you-would-wear-at-home-on-a-lazy-day look. But that's just me.