One day we're cool, the next day he hates me?

We were cool one day then literally the next day he acts like he hates me. For instance that day he just brushed by me in the hallway with out saying anything and in class me and my friends were in a conversation and he just jumps in and starts talking to her and everyone else and barely even looked at me. Now this has been going on a while now after that day, I haven't had a conversation with him in the longest time, and what I've noticed the most is he doesn't even attempt to look at me anymore.

I don't know what I did to him he changed so fast, can anyone tell me what happened? is it him or is it just me?


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  • You give your age as over 18, so I'm guessing this guy is about the same age. That is surprising because he is behaving like a little kid. The only mature thing you can do is ask him what is going on. Just say that you feel like things between you are cooler than they used to be and ask if there is anything he would like to talk about. Don't run after him begging to know how you have wronged him! That is obviously what he wants. If he doesn't tell you, then stop worrying about it and enjoy being around your friends who treat you better!

  • act like you don't even care! don't be desperate. if he wants to act immature, let him if you run after him acting like "omg what happened" then he will have the satisfaction he doesn't deserve. ignore him, don't even worry about him. when he wants to act mature, then engage him but not until then