I need some new clothes desperately.

well a new year will soon be here and I'm looking thru my clothes and like this is all really old and nothing is new and exciting at all . I need some new clothes desperately, but as a guy its not my thing at all and I have no idea what I need ( well other than so far a pair of jeans , some boxers , and a sweater ) but not really sure about the rest , any ideas >


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  • Well, that depends on what you plan to be doing, doesn't it? If you're going to be going out for job interviews, you'll want something more impressive than sweats, for example. If you want to pick up girls at a bar, you'll wear different clothes than if you ask an aquaintance to a casual (or formal, for that matter) date.

    Of course, you should stick to your style and things that you suit you. If you want to be confident (me assumming you would) you should remember that you'll relax easiest into things you find comfortable. This doesn't mean you can't change your style, or that you should stick to the same pair of jeans you've been wearing for the past six days, but you don't need to murder your wallet just for the latest designer brands. It's not what your wear, but how your wear it.

    If you need a place to start finding ideas, something I always find helpful is just going outside and looking at what people are wearing. If something looks good, or you could see yourself wearing it, take note. You can do this by watching tv, too, or reading magazines or pretty much anything - you can get a lot of ideas as long as you just pay attention.

    So, hope that made even a LITTLE sense... and good luck!

  • just go to the mall and check out what new styles are out or be like me and actually search them. I like looking at the abercrombie and finch site for ideas and I have certain shops I like going to for discounts and because their clothes suit me. sometimes you have to try it on to see how it looks and just refer to some major clothing websites out there-urban planet, abercrombie, D&G, sports wear like nike or adidas, sport chek whatever your style is, go with that...those are a few ideas


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