Girls, how do you put together a nice looking outfit?

I'm really bad at matching clothes and was wondering if you have any advice for puting together nice looking outfits. Some things I love to wear are my black and white nike sneakers, black north face jacket or black cardigan, i LOVE hoodies and the color black and gray and white, my dark blue jeggings, black maxi skirt, and a few plain t shirts. i am also super into athletic stuff. what are some great things to have in a wardrobe to make an outfit look great?


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  • I'm also very into gray and black and plain colors, but I think it's good to have a few colorful outfits in your wardrobe. I have a couple outfits I picked out that I wouldn't usually wear and are out of my comfort zone, but I like them.
    Also good to have a couple nice sort of dressier shirts for if you go out to a nice dinner. Like a nice shirt you could pair with jeans.
    I know you mentioned you liked athletic stuff, but I just encourage you to explore more stuff out of your color and fashion palette if you'd like to :)

    As for matching, I usually try to pick something (top or pants etc) with a pattern and then pick out the rest of my wardrobe with a solid color that could be found within the pattern. Or pick black and white if they fit more accordingly.

    • I'd also like to mention my clothing I've picked out that I wouldn't usually gravitate to usually I have been wearing more lately. I've also went back to buy different colors in those shirts I like etc.

    • awesome, thanks!

    • No problem. We have similar tastes, haha. It's easy to wear the same outfit over and over. I'm trying to break that habit and change it up. Good luck girl :)

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