Prevent split ends?

any tips on this?


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  • 1.Take care not to split them in the first place, because the only cure is a trim, according to trichologists (hair doctors) everywhere.

    2. Don't brush hair when it's wet, because that's when it is at its most vulnerable.

    3. Cool it on the heat styling tricks. That means cut down on hair dryers, straightening irons, crimpers, curling irons and hot curlers.

    4. Buy a natural-bristle brush that won't pull on hair and ultimately break it off, thereby causing a possible split end.

    5. Wear a hat to minimize sun damage.

    6. Use a shampoo that lists sunscreen as a major ingredient.

    7. Condition after shampooing, and use a deep conditioner once a month.

    8. Try a hair split repair product. It won't actually repair the hair, but it will minimize the stray hair look you hate.

    9. Get a trim every six weeks.



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  • Buy a deep conditioner from Aveda or Biologe. Do not put it directly on the scalp, start about 3-4 inches away from the scalp and put it on your hair with more on the ends. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse it out with cool water. I'd do this to your hair once a week.

  • I just leave in conditioner (the spray) and put heat protector on before I iron my hair. that's about it and condition my hair every night