Girls, how should I get my nails done outfit ideas?

Ok girls so here the story. I have been sneak dressing up as a girl since I was 14. I've always wanted to be a girl on the inside. So I decided I want to dress as a woman full time & Tuesday will be the first time I present myself to my co workers. Monday I will be informing everyone of my changes. My question is I want to look cute but also professional & want people to respect how I look. Im going to be getting my nails professionally done in a few minutes. Whats an appropriate manicure style for workplace manner? what about clothes & shoes? any help would be great thanks so much!

I am so nervous. I hope the other men dont laugh at me when I come in dressed Tuesday morning.


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  • French nails are very professional looking, nice and classy. You'll feel very elegant with them, I'm sure :)

    As for clothes and shoes, it really depends on your build and what you like. Look for style icons that you admire, but considering that this is the workplace, I would look for more "classy" or "business" people and take heed from them. A pencil skirt that goes to your knees, blouse, and blazer would work well, for example. For work, unless they're kitten heels, keep to thicker heels. Don't go too high, as you need to be work appropriate.

    Overall though, think of the kind of woman you wish to exude and want to be, and then dress like her. Good luck!


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  • I'd say that a French manicure is professional. Anything that's a more subtle colour, don't go for something bright so drastically because that'll be a shock and it isn't particularly professional. You could always try a skirt with a blazer and kitten heels for clothing.

    • Yes I was def thinking french!

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    • I'm sure they'd all look great :3

    • Got them done! they are in my profile pic. They came out good dont u think?

  • You definitely look better than most women.

  • I don't know but holy fuck you're hotter than me, and I'm an actual girl. Keep it up and do whatever the hell you want. You're hot!