Why would he look at me instead of just confronting me?

OK so my crush sits across the room from me but in the same row. Every so often (let's say every 15 min or so) I look over at him. just a quick glance, only for a second. But lately he has been looking at me when I look over at him. Sometimes smiling at me others just staring. I look away every time but I don't know what that means. I guess he has been catching on in a sense. But why would he care? why would he look at me instead of just confronting me? I feel like I'm getting my feelings for him messed up with reality and I don't want to get my hopes up if I think he likes me but in truth he doesn't.


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  • well, I know I was scaird of talking to girls I liked when I was in school, he probaly is not self confident enough to actually talk to you, you shold try talking to him, and becoming his friend before anything, a relationship means more over time


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  • He's probably at least sort of interested. But, he's definitely shy because he's only looking at you.


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