Does it turn you off? Guys only please.

alright I have red, blond, and brown hair. I'm getting a tattoo and a motorcycle. I like guns, fire, explosions. I love dangerous sh*t. I'm not a girly girly but I'm nothing close to a Tom boy. does this turn you off guys? honestly


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  • Hahaha I've got seven tattoos, 2 facial piercings, my ears done 4 times. I use a chainsaw, drive heavy plant and ride a big heavy Hyabusa. I have a FAC with a 12b, 20b, .220 and .230.

    Honey you sound just like me and I've never had any complaints!

    • Ouch!! impressive, scary and hot! what the heck is a FAC by the way?

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  • haha SEXY! I love girls that are badass. (Then again I'm a good guy so those are the women I/am attract/attracted to). It's so much fun to have a girlfriend that loves to go out and do something fun. To get over that whole romance deal and just get to hardcore kickassery. I would take a whole biker gang armed with automatics and clubs with a feather for you babe!

    • Haha ur the best setcheck

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    • Haha I just chcked it as best answer

      don't b so hard on yourself lol

      but do uk how hard it is 2 check a ltl box when ur on GAG on ur iPod?!?

    • Probably harder than finding the hay in the needle stack :D.

  • wow that's cool, but as sad as it may seem, ur gonna change in a couple of years and turn into that girliest girl you never expected you'll be, it's just a phase.

    • Yeah right, I'm 30 now and no way am I some stuck up little princess.

    • You're an original badass lady, not easy for a girl to be like you ;)

  • As long as your willing to be all woman in bed I don't mind. :P

    Just be who you are, there are always going to be guys who are attracted to the more tomboyish girls.

    On the same level allot of guys really can't stand the girly Sue types either, most guys like something somewhere in between.

  • not one bit... just don't lose touch with your girly girl side

    • Ah can never lose touch with that side lol

      believe me, you will see it haha

  • Its all based on preference, so some will like it while others will not. For dating. I like the girly girls, so I probably wouldn't date you.


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