Do I look like Gerard Butler and if I do is it a good thing?

Do I look like Gerard Butler and if I do is it a good thing ? a girl I like says I look like him so would that mean she might be into me ?

we are both also form the same town funny enough
anyone ?


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  • You do a bit. You are cute, but I recommend changing your hair. The short, spiky look does not suit you because it makes your face look fatter than it is. Why not grow your hair a little so that it looks more like Gerard Butler! You would look really good.

    She probably does like you if she said this!

    • Nice one ;) good tip I've been getting told my hair is kinda dated nowadays am a 90's boy

    • Yes, sorry, I didn't want to say. Sorry to break it to you, but it is almost as bad as a mullet! You will look great with it longer, without the spikes, and without the wet gel look. Go fully Gerard Butler!

    • Some times you gotta be cruel to be kind ;) thanks for the input I defo sort it don't wanna be this decades mullet lol

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  • Chances are if she's saying you look like him it's a good thing. He's pretty gorgeous.

    • Thanks I wasn't sure if it was jsut a compliment or if she was maybe hinting ;)

    • She might not be hinting at anything though. Don't take it as that. I tell people all the time if they look like someone, That definitely doesn't mean I'm hinting.

    • Rite-o will just take it as it was then ;)

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  • link

    -you look more like this guy.

  • You kindof do a little bit. Definately a good thing.

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