A good thing going on

i have myself a wonderful guy!

he is everything I have literally ever wanted. sure we have our flaws, but when it comes down to our morals and how we act, he is perfect.

- He doesn't watch porn.

- He doesn't find any other girl attractive.

- He never ever looks at other girls.

is there any other guys lie this out there? as in, if your with a girl, you don't look at other girls, you don't watch porn, you don't ever find anyone but your girlfriend sexually attractive?


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  • Yes there are other guys who wouldn't have sex with anyone other than their mate out there. It means that he is satisfied with the relationship, the sex and everything else in your lives. He is a very committed person so make sure that you are always attentive to his needs. That will help him to remain that way.

  • trust me, he finds other girls attractive. not to say that he'd ever do something with one but yeah...he tells you that to make you feel more comfortable.

    • Trust me... he doesnt. like, when we started dating, I didn't belive it one bit. but trust me... he doenst.

      im verrrrry comfortable in my own skin not to evern care if he looked or even stared at a chicks arse. lol I mean, he comes home to me every night. but honestly, he doenst find anoyone else sexxualy attractive.

    • Sure.

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