Guy Flirty Texting?

If you're interested in a girl, and the two of you text at least a couple of times a day, do you have like a particular style or pattern of texting?

Basically, how do you text girls you are interested in in comparison to those in who you're not? i.e. frequency, time in between, types of things you say, if you always reply if she texts, etc. and do any of the above change as time goes by, or do you maintain the same kind of texting?


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  • I do have a particular pattern with girls I like vs. girls I'm not so interested in. If it's a girl I like and I'm trying to get to know, I'll make sure and always text her back right away if I can. If things are going along and everything is good then I keep the same style going, but if things start to get weird and she starts creeping me out, I stop txting her..

    Creeping out would be things like: Sending me 5 texts back to back after the last one wasn't replied to right away. Very annoying.

    Asking weird open ended questions in a text - It's not possible to have a huge open ended discussion in a text message. Text's are good for asking simple questions with short answers. Not some lengthy drawn out conversation. Save that for a phone call (which is much more meaningful than a text will ever be)

    But that works the other way too, because if I'm interested in a girl I don't want to come off too strong and end up creeping her out.. So I will send one txt, and wait for her to reply... never send more than one at a time before I get a reply.. I don't know if that's how other people do it, but that's just what I do.

  • well with girls I am interested in I always say "ask me something, anything" at the end of a conversation. usually cause it leads to either flirty talk or a whole new conversation. when texting a girl that is my friend but I am not interested in I don't say that I just let the conversation end.


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