I Know NOTHING About Makeup?

I'm a freshman in high school and I want to start wearing some.

Could you girls please make a list of what products you use or what products you WOULD use? Like... toner, mascara, things like that? A-And maybe what they're used for?


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  • I use a primer before putting on foundation. It keeps my skin moisturized and also helps the foundation spread more smoothly. After blending in my foundation, I use a translucent setting powder so my foundation doesn't smudge or rub off. I love my skin coloring so I don't generally waste my time on applying blush or bronzer. I don't do all the crazy contouring either.

    My eyes are my main focus when I put on makeup. For my eyes, I use a black kohl eyeliner on my lower lash line and smudge it slightly for that smokey eye effect. I also use liquid eyeliner, but the liquid liner goes on the upper lash line. That combination gives my eyes that smoldering look. It makes them bold which I love. I don't always put eye shadow on, but when using eye shadow, I stick with either browns, grays, or black. I use a lighter color on the lid of my eyes than I do for the crease and the corner, I typically brush a little white shimmer in the inner corners of my eyes too. It makes the eyes look more open. I know they have some eye shadow pallets that have a little diagram on them to show you where to put each color if that would help you. I then top it off with mascara. I use Rimmel ScandalEyes. I have naturally long lashes so I don't have to worry about false ones. Although false lashes can really make your look pop if you choose that.

    As for lips, I generally stick with nude colors or natural pinks and will add a super shine lip gloss. If you have thinner lips, lip liner that matches your lip stick wouldn't be a bad idea. It is all what you feel comfortable with though.

    I would experiment with some different looks. You can find out what works for you.

  • i12.photobucket.com/.../...2A04D32_zpsuuuan2i4.jpg
    I really like that picture because it basically tells you all the makeup you would use for a full face.

    For you/what I started with:
    First start with a CLEAN face. Use an oil-free alcohol free moisturizer (or one you have found that works for YOU). Then apply a face primer-this is optional. Some believe it helps some do not. I don't have experience with one yet but I am getting one this week because I have large-ish pores. After that it's time for a foundation/tinted moisturizer/bb cream. I personally started out with a bb cream because it's a lighter coverage. I still use it when i don't feel like having a "heavy" face. Or in summer it's good. You apply that all over your face with either fingers/makeup sponge/brush. It's what you prefer. Fingers is easiest to start with. Then you would apply concealer only to where you NEED it. If you don't need to cover up any flaws that your bb cream didn't get, you don't need it. If you are using a mineral powder or a compact foundation you put concealer on first, then the powder. Now for eyes! I personally do my eyeliner first. Most people don't do this. I do it because then I can use eyeshadow to perfect anything I messed up. Also putting eyeshadow in whatever color of eyeliner you have makes the eyeliner stay longer. There is gel/pencil/liquid/in-between gel/pencil. I started out with a L'oreal infallible never fail eyeliner. It's an in-between one. For starters you can just use one eyeshadow. I use a champagne color all over the lid. Then you can apply mascara. There are different types of mascara depending on what you are hoping to get from it (length, volume, waterproof). You could then do your eyebrows (optional). Also lips, which could mean just lip balm, gloss, or lipstick. Lip gloss or a tinted balm is a good way to start out.

    I just want to say is all of this is optional! if you have good skin by all means skip the face routine! If you don't want eyeliner, skip eyeliner. It's your own style and what you prefer. Your makeup look isn't permanent, you can change it up day-to-day! Play with your look & make it yours!

    Youtube beauty channels:
    Laura Lee
    Stephanie Lange
    Makeup Geek
    Wayne Goss
    Also gossmakeupchat (one of the above guys channel) is good for learning things about brushes & products + more!

    Hope I helped someone!

  • 1) Since it's summer, I suggest a bb cream. It's like a tinted moisturizer and it has SPF, it blurs scars and blemishes and gives you a glow.
    2) mascara, every girl needs mascara. It's do essential. You can't go wrong with mascara
    3. Eyeliner. But since you just started using make up I don't recommend it but buy it and practice.
    4. Eyelash curler: it's pretty self explanatory, it curls yours lashes
    5. Tinted balm, for an everyday look, get a tinted balm. It's just a Chapstick that has color when put on the lip but not as vibrant as lipstick.
    6. Blush. Gives your cheeks color.( colors depend on your skin tone)
    7. Concealer. Covers dark circles under eyes and bags. It also makes you look awake.

    You have to wash your face twice a day. Please don't get high end make up since you're just staring out. Experiment and watch youtube videos. 😗

    • Isn't BB and CC cream a form of foundation? I have pretty bad dark circles, I'm beginning to try foundation but it wears off during the day and my dark circles really show. Is there anything that makes your makeup last longer? Alright! Youtube's a good idea too. Everything that you said, I'll try so thanks a bunch.

    • Primers! They make your makeup stay on longer. You put it on your face before the foundation. and bb creams look like they are foundations but they are lighter than foundation and they don't have a lot of coverage compared to a foundation but they have skin benefits. Cc creams are color corrector I don't know a lot about those

  • Foundation if you have scars. Blush. Eyeliner to bring out your eyes. Eye curler if you don't have curly lashes. Lip gloss. Mascara to make your eyelashes pop.

    • Ah, thank you so much! On the topic of eye liner, don't you need to wear fake eyelashes with it?

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    • Lol. That sounds good to me. Make sure to do your neck as well so they don't look like two different colors... haha.

    • Oh! Thank you, haha. Yeah, sorry I sound like so naive and all. Thanks for the tips!

  • Go to YouTube. Plenty of beginner makeup tutorials

  • Just a few skincare tips I personally like:
    - Avoid using foundation on an everyday basis, if you don't feel like you really need it. Use a bb- cream or a tinted moisturizer (you can mix a bit foundation with a bit of moisturizer)
    - Always wash of your makeup before bed. I prefer using a cleanser for this. Many people use makeup-wipes, but I find these to be a bit too harsh on my skin.
    - It's important to use a moisturizer to get nice, hydrated skin.
    - Try to avoid products that contain alcohol. That will dry out your skin.

    I really recommend you to watch Gossmakeupartist on YouTube. He has so many tips on skincare and makeup, and I have learned so much watching him.

    Good luck trying out makeup! Remember to be kind to your skin 😊

  • watch you youtube... seriously you can learn almost anything from youtube

  • Two things: first of all, I'd say that you should splurge (if possible) and go to the nearest Mac or Sephora store. If you tell them you are looking at makeup, and need help with it, they can apply it, explain how and what they are doing, and what products would give you the results you are looking for. It's easiest with a professional to give you direct advice, instead of getting vague results from the internet.

    Second, here's what I do:

    First start out with a facial moisturizer. This will keep your skin from drying out, and will prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the future.

    Then, add a thin layer of primer over your face (dab a tiny bit under your eyebrows and near your lids). I'm a greasy Italian, so this helps prevent "shiny spots" and prevents the makeup from melting off.

    Then do your eye makeup. By doing it early on, if you make a mistake, you don't have to redo everything else. Some people use eye liner- if you use it, only put it on the top lid near the lashes. If you put it around the entire eye, you are making it look smaller. Then use three complimentary colors- have a base color, a darker color to tint near the outer edge of your eye, and then a white/bright color near the inside of the eye/by the nose, to make your eyes look bigger. If you need it, finish up by adding a small bit of mascara- not necessary, and in the long run can damage your eyelashes if done incorrectly. Fake eyelashes are not really needed at your age, or for everyday life.

    Then I add a foundation. Depending on how dry or oily your skin is, you'll need to figure out if you want a cream or powder foundation. These come in different colors, and add a layer to smooth out your skin and diminish uneven skin tones. Make sure to add some on your neck, so you don't look like you're wearing a mask.

    Then add a tiny bit of concealer on the top of the bridge of your nose and smear downwards towards the bottom circles of your eyes. This will blend the foundation and concealer to help hide dark circles. Also use concealer on obvious pimples or scars.

    Then add blush. Some people use blush to highlight cheek bones, which makes them look thinner. Others use it to help give their face a bit of a healthy glow.

    Then, I have a spray that "sets" my makeup. Basically, this prevents it from running/melting, and further prevents oily spots from popping up every 15 minutes.

    Hope this helped.!