How can I get the look that matchs my personality maybe the grunge look?

so i used to wear whatever is trending, you know from popular trend shops and seeing what other girls at my school wore, but then i wasn't yet conscious about my individuality. so now that i've discovered myself well, the kind of music i like ( rock: led zeppelin, the doors, guns n roses, nirvana, pearl jam etc..) , and began to get MY own ideas, i became totally against materialism and the ''brands'' concept. and the fact that our society manipulates us. and i really don't want to be a copy of others from the outside because i know i'm not from the inside. so i guess the look that really matchs my soul is the grunge one i guess? could you help me please identifying the style that suits me and if it's grunge how could i get it right?


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  • First let me compliment you for having so much bravery at 17. Being yourself is never easy at any age.

    If you are really non-materialistic and staunchly individual, you must create your own look. I would suggest second hand and budget shops. Choose items to compliment you skin tone and figure. There is no one that looks just like you so you shouldn’t dress like anyone else. Use what you see in magazines as a springboard for ideas and then adapt them to your own taste.

    I know, you are worried about acceptance. Let me tell you a story. When I was 13 my aunt bought me some new jeans and they were a bit too long. “Just cuff them,” she said. Obviously, she didn’t understand how cruel teens could be. I though surely I would be laughed at. Within a week---one by one--- I noticed other kids in the neighborhood cuffing their pants, even though they were not too long! That’s a true story.

    You can be a follower or a leader and each has its price, my dear. If you follow, you have to conform to the prevailing trend, no matter how ridiculous it is. If you lead, you have to invent fashion and risk rejection. Choose.

    • thank you so much for your tips :)
      yes i'm a bit worried about it but i've decided to take the first step , starting with rejecting the skinny jeans
      actually, when i' though about it, i found it reallyy ridiculous to conform in such thing. because clothes are not just clothes, they're supposed to refelect who we are, if what i wear is the exact copy of what others wear well that proves that i'm ignoring my individuality and trying to conform. but here i'm talking about myself because i know that this doesn't match me. and of course there are others that are ok with it.

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    • P. S. Your welcome! :)

    • oh thank you so much again for your help :)

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  • Well you can get a cute plaid button up and some tight leather leggings/pants. It's grungy but still looks hot.

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