I keep losing hair!

I recently have been going through a lot of stress and every time I wash my hair or brush my hair I keep losing hair. its always a lot also not just a couple. But if you grab my hair it doesn't feel like I have lost any. I know the average is 88 a day but it is more than that. Should I worry?


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  • You need to stop stressing! Stress will make your hair fall out. Take some deep breaths. It is natural to lose some hair. But you really need to stop stressing out about the hair, or any other things in your life.


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  • Stress, poor diet, illness and smoking all take their toll on your hair. Constantly going from hot to cold environments can make your hair drop as well, as your body doesn't know whether its summer or winter..I shouldn't worry if you think on average we have around 100,000 - 150,000 hairs on our heads, so a few hundred or so a day won't make too much difference.

    Try upping your protein and calcium for a little while especially if you're a bit stressed.