Guys would you dress well for a date with a girl or not?

because I have been in many dates and some of them dress you know casual but still look good but they were other that wow! they came in like they woke up or if they were in the house and they weren't going to go somewhere(if you get my point^^) and even though I don't care how they look like as long as I know that they're in the date then that's OK to me...=) but guys how do you prefer to go to a date with nice casual clothes or like you woke up in the morning and with the clothes you or whatever?! =)


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  • Despite your apparent opinion of me, yes, I did once dress well for a girl I thought had some class. She was so p*ssed she told me to go home and change my clothes to something more casual. I will never again dress well for any girl unless the occasion is a black tie event.

    • Sorry for the opinion^^...=) but that's so true a girl doesn't you know like when a guy comes dressing fancy when mayb were going to eat or the movies..... even though I wouldn't care but mayb he could you know dress like that in a event or a nice party or something XD!!!!!!!

  • I wear whatever is clean in my wardrobe, its all good casual stuff, if she liked me for who I was, there's no point in me changing and going out of my way to 'dress better'.


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