He is cute!!!

My age is 20.i am not muscular but in shape.no fat.I have no girlfriend.But I keep on hearing from here and there "he is so cute!".they don't say in front of me.suppose girl friends of my sister tell her "i must say,your brother is really cute",few elder women gossips with my mother "your child has a nice face,very cute guy"...cute ,cute ,cute.Girls please help what do you like cute,or hot,i mean I am confused.

And another thing.Suppose if you like a cute guy,do you have any concept in your mind like "it's OK,he can build up his body at any moment.it's just a matter of hard work,and not god gifted body" ?

last not but the least I have personality,confidence,sense of humor.no I am not saying,these are the comments I get from my friend.
note: I do not want to hear answer like personality,character matters all that, I know all that.Girls,boys everyone need to have it. My question is based solely upon looks,so I want answers based only on that


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  • Honestly, if I say a guy is cute, its more like a "hes real cute, but I wouldn't date him". I'm not saying I have a type, but unless your my boyfriend or something, cute is like someone very good looking that I wouldn't consider going out with. I tell boyfriends they are cute but it usually is to describe their personality or something they said. this guy got really nervous around me (like dropping things nervous) and I told him he was cute. yea, he was very attractive but I didn't mean it like that. so yea I hope I didn't confuse u.

    cute-1. aaawww baby cute he has a cute little kidness to him

    2. very good looking guy but I personally didn't consider dating him (dont get me wrong he's a great guy and all but don't feel like dating him)

    hot- picturing makeout sessions as we say the word. (can I jump him now?) <---lust word

    sexi- for me its a mixture of cute and hot minus the jump him and not consider date him. I guess I just felt like I had to twist the meaning of the word to accomodate my needs lol

    ok so I hope this helped bcz it made sense it my head, I promise

    • I am a bit confused.ohhhhhhhhh.

      "very good looking guy but I personally didn't consider dating him"--suppose he has a manly side to him,always has a smirk on his face,goes for hat he wants,a great sense of humour + good looking as per your defination on the word "cute",,will you still kick out that guy from your dating list?

    • Its all about the vibe. its one thing to find the perfect guy, but its another to find the perfect one for you

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  • "cute" isn't a bad thing!

  • I say "he's cute" when I find a guy attractive. I only use the word hot when he's like drop dead gorgeous. Or I say he's gorgeous. but anyow, a girl will say a guy is cute if she thinks he's good looking. and in that case, it doesn't matter if he's "hot" or "gorgeous" and a lot of times, girls find a guy with a great personality more attractive. So even if he's not especially good looking she might say "he's cute" because she just likes him. Regardless of his face or body lol. Personality makes a guy that much better looking. Somehow his personality attributes to how we view him. If he's an ass, he's usually unattractive even if we saw his face before and thought he was cute... I wonder if any of that made any sense.

    • I read that and was like huh? lol it actually makes no sense whatsoever yet somehow also makes perfect sense? How in the hell did you do that? haha

    • I have no idea. Sometimes I know what I'm trying to say and I just don't know how to explain it so I ramble like that. I have a feeling that this is how a lot of girls think. Or maybe its just me, but to be honest, a girls thought process is so complicated that it is not at all surprising that guys have such a hard time understanding.

  • Cute can mean a lot of things. Sometimes, you'll hear girls say, "Awww, he's cute," in which they probably mean a guy is cute in a "teddy-bear" sort of way not a "hot" way. A "Wow, he's cute," is more along the lines of, "Wow, he's good looking/he's hot/etc." By the way you're describing things, I'm assuming girls find you good looking, rather than cute in the adorable-little-kid sense. That's good! That's what most girls like better, at least the ones I know.

    As for your second question, if I think a guy is good looking, it's pretty much a given that I already like his body.


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  • Girls care more about personality than looks. Don't get me wrong, certainly looks play a factor. But your personality is what will be the difference in whether you get the girl or not.

    Although you may be "cute", I am assuming you are shy? Girls like outgoing guys (think about why they like the "bad boy" even though he may not always be the best looking).

    Be confident with girls and you will go from "cute" to "hot".

    • Your lines sound something around from some popular dating book lines.may be you are original.As per my knowledge "badboy" behaviour is what matters.Now I am talking about looks,and a cute looking guy and cute behaviour is something else?

  • I have the same problem... lol. exactly the same... :(

    I think we're just gonna have to wait it out dude. I've tried pursuing girls and they just... don't like me like that. We gotta just stay patient and wait for girls to mature and get over this "bad boy" phase they're in...

    remember... patience is a virtue.

  • Cute - affectionate. Think babies, little puppy dogs, kittens etc.

    Hot - lust. I wanna rip your clothes off and do you right here and now.

    Think that pretty much sums it up haha.