How do I condition natural hair?

Ok so I have natural hair (literally NATURAL HAIR). NO PERM, NO NOTHING on my hair

Well am trying to find a way for my hair to look good. I have a lot of hair, natural hair. So I was thinking of doing condition, you know deep conditioning so it can look good.

I have this big afro but I don't like wearing it and I braid a lot so my hair grows a lot too. But I want another style to do it. I don't want to cut it or anything just conditioning.

I was thinking of using Coconut Oil Conditioning?


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  • If your hair is natural from the root out, I would recommend ("Queen Helene'" Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream) it's yellow, that's the name of it, now I use it after a perm, and rinse it out, (or a touch up), and I mix a little of it (cholesterol conditioner) in my hair oil too. One or Two Tablespoons depending on what kind of hair oil you use, I mix it with Blue pomade, yellow hair oil, coconut oil, it will give your hair a wavy texture, (especially if your hair is damp) your hair isn't greasy (the hair oil should have a lotiony texture. And you know where you can find that cholesterol conditioner? , at your local Family Dollar, or Beauty supply.

  • Coconut oil is actually really good for your hair. Try it

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