Guys, what kind of style do you like on a girl?

which clothing style? hairstyle, accessories, shoes etc..
and what do you dislike?


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  • Outfit 1
    Tight skirts or shorts with a top that matches (maybe those loose baggy ones that expose a bit of shoulders) accompanied with cute strapped sandles or tomy tackies.

    Outfit 2
    Tight skinny jeans with any type of top that matches (maybe a beater or something) with flat strapped sandals.

    Outfit 3
    Leggings with those baggy like tops (described in outfit 1) covered with a soft jacket with long sleeves (extending over the wrists) accompanied with a cute scarf with high heeled boots or maybe just high heeled shoes.

    I like it when a girl's hair is straight, shiny and long.


    if they have a fringe that runs along the side of her face with their hair nearly tied up from the back

    Loose bracelets are cool as well as necklaces. Neatly painted and treated nails (both hands and feet) are cute 👌

    The thing I dig the most is when a girl's eye liner and mascara is done with expertise 👏😘


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