Girls what would you consider a speedo worthy body?

Girls? So you know how us guys have to be in really REALLY good shape to even be slightly accepted as a speedo worthy wearer. What would you condsider the minimum requirements for us to be in this cadegory? And are the guys in this video acceptable?

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Wow this is a tough test to pass. Even these actors don't get much approval haha


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  • Why don't men understand that speedo's are fugly no matter who wears them? They look like briefs for water sports and briefs are already ugly.

    • I guess it's kind of like how girls don't get we don't care much for makeup :D

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    • It won't bite

    • Lol @xXiTacoXx you're right on all counts. I'd like to add that women are hot no matter what they wear and a guy should feel lucky if he finds a girl who is attracted to him. And assless chaps? Ha ha ha if you say so. You girls know what you like.

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What Girls Said 3

  • No. They need to have more muscles.

  • I don't know what a speedo is :'(

    • what you see in the video

  • No one should wear speedos. Ever. None

    • yeah yeah lol They're here to stay though :P

What Guys Said 2

  • I agree the female responder - Speedos are never an option

    • lol oh c'mon man. You're not daring enough then haha :P It takes guts and courage to wear them

    • KDA20 is right. Just listen to the female responder~

    • lol ya wusses

  • who cares what women think, they don't dress for men, they dress because it empowers them, by emasculating men. I wear speedos, and I have only received compliments.

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