What are cute/hot things the opposite sex does?


The question is pretty self explanatory; what are little things guys find cute in girls and vice versa? It could be anything, for both looks and personality.

For example, I find it really hot when guys are writing and the veins show in their arms.

Or I find it cute when guys are in their sports uniforms and walking with their duffel sports bags for some reason.

Just small, cute things like that.


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  • Cute things I guess are like a girl's polite smile or a small laugh.


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  • ... I know I have a bunch but my mind has gone blank... I shall return when I remember.


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  • Great question!

    I like the veins in hands/arms too.

    I like the twitch of their forearm muscle when they're doing something w their hands and you know they're not conscious their muscles are twitching around

    I love when they speak a word or two when they're tired or not 'on' and their voices are low and indifferent

    I love how guys take off their sweaters by pulling them back to top to down the front. HOT. just the carelessness of it (cause girls will take it off carefully from bottom to not muck their hair etc)