What if you saw a fairly attractive man with a mustache and soul patch?

Both are about a centimeter long. What would you think?

  • Sexay! mmm
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  • He is trying awfully hard to look ugly.
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  • I won't look at him until he shaves it off.
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Let me know what you think! Please VOTE at least, and then if you feel like it, explain yourself! I want to know what women think about this facial hair...


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  • lol your options are pretty extreme, but I don't really like ANY facial hair... so yeah.

    • What about other girls that you know? Do they feel the same way?

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    • Yeah, I know most girls on this website and others are against facial hair. But I don't know if the clientel of these websites would be an accurate representation of the majority of real life women. So I just don't know what to believe.

    • Yeah I agree... I think there are some girls that like it, just a lot less than girls who hate it... so you would be targeting a minority.

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  • Soul patch means risk-taker in my book. A guy who is daring enough to be different might be different from other guys in a lot of ways, maybe even in bed (oh, baby!).

    I happen to like men who march to a different beat, but I am most likely in the minority. But, hey, all you have to find is one good one, right?

    Can you handle the attention you might get from "freaky" girls? Can you be a freak in the sheets because that is the image you are putting out there? Think about it...

    I have brown hair. For fun, I went blond. I was treated a lot differently because of the image I was projecting. For example with brown hair, men rarely even look at me. With blond hair, guys are offering to pump gas in my car for me. I ultimately went back to brown because I like being thought of as brainy and capable, it was what I was most comfortable with.

    Try it and see what happens. You can always shave it off after you complete your social experiment.

  • You say both are a centimeter long? you have a centimeter long mustache?

    But, I don't like facial hair.

    • Yeah, I'm going for a big puffy mustache, and I'm even thinking about throwing away my razor and shaving cream and just going all hairy 4 ever.

    • I like the handle bar, they are great when folling around you can hold on the them when it get wild :)

      Just kidding but I really do love the handle bar stash...

  • the guy would have to be EXTREMELY good looking [in my opinion] for me to consider him attractive with facial hair. that probably explains it all...

  • I think that it depend if it suits him or not. If it doesn't then I would think he was doing it for his benefit.

  • i think that facial hair is really attractive on a lad, but it has to be just right and suit the kind of person that he is, if that makes sense. I know all of my mates think the same :)

  • He is trying awfully hard to look ugly.


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