Girls what do you think of guys who wear pink and purple shirts?

That is a guy who has pink shirts and purple shirts that he wears. (Not a collection of pink and purple striped shirts or something...)

Would you assume he's not straight? I'm as straight as dye, yet I like to wear pink and purple (and other colours) simply because I like the look of it. Do you think a guy can look alright in pink or purple? Will you assume he's gay?

  • It looks good on a guy, but I'll assume he's a queer.
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  • It looks good on a guy and I won't assume he's gay because of it.
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  • It looks ugly and I'll think he's gay.
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  • It looks ugly, but I want assume he's gay.
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Anyone have an opinion on this?

Also, as you can probably guess, it should read "won't assume" in option D.
Anyone! Come on someone must have a view on this?


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  • It's perfectly fine, as long as it isn't fuschia:

    ❌ ❌ ❌

    • I'm a guy... that's a pinky purple colour, fuschia means nothing to me... :P

      So is it the brightness of the colour of that shirt that's the problem?

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    • Okay great. Anyway, thanks for answering.

    • You're welcome. :)

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What Girls Said 5

  • It obviously depends which guy it's on, but generally it looks fine and liking pink wouldn't make you gay, so...

    • Thanks for answering! It took nearly an hour to get an opinion...

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    • It'll probably look good on you.

    • Okay thanks.

  • I used to think it looks gay but now I find it hot on several guys.

  • Why would we assume your gay because if the colours you wear?

    • Well those colours are generally seen as feminine.

    • Suits and short hair are also seen as masculine. many can pull any look off. were not going to turn into prejudice raging bulls if you wear the colour red or pink.

      Just be yourself

  • I voted B.

  • No I would not automatically assume he is gay. Some guys really can pull the look off, their skin tone looks great with pink or purple. If you like the colors, rock on guy! I'm sure you look great in them! :D

    • What type of skin tone? I'm white but fairly tanned with dark hair.

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    • Pop? Anyway thanks for answering, I guess I'll keep wearing them.

    • Yes, like enhances and makes it look better.
      No problem. :) As I said, I'm sure you look great in them.

What Guys Said 1

  • I have several pink and purple shirts. I think they are lovely on gay and straight men.