Meeting the distant relatives. I need outfit help. any ideas?

Tomorrow is my birthday and my boyfriend is taking me to dinner and then to his house for a movie with his family. I have met all of his immediate family and they love me. I may be meeting his aunt and uncle for the first time. I bought an adorable royal blue romper for the night. I am concerned that it may me a little too revealing due to it being relatively short and having lace covered cutouts. It is long sleeved so I guess that makes up for some of the skin shown. I also wear stuff simiar to this on a daily basis and it is very similar to what his mom complemented me on wearing a few dates ago. Help?


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  • Dress cool but somewhat conservative. Don't show too much skin. light make up and respectful manner should do it.
    Oh not too much PDA, that can be a turn off for older crowd