Guys: Do you like low side ponytails?

I'm just wondering :) By low side ponytail I mean like this: link and link


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  • As with all hairstyles, it depends on the person with the style. However, will admit the two photos make it cute.

    • I agree, it does depend on the person. Thanks for taking the time to answer :)

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  • yes they do.. it shows off her neck.. that f***in me

    • Haha awesome :) Yeah, I like the whole showing off the neck thing too. It just seems so sensual for some reason.

  • they're alright. not my favorite look


    • Well at least you don't hate them. Pssssh pancakes are better than waffles any day ;)

    • Yeah, it doesn't look bad really. I wouldn't be turned off if a girl I liked wore it like that.

      waffles own pancakes...this is common knowledge!

    • Hahah I have to agree with waffles!!! haha so good!

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