Can a guy lose physical attraction for a girl? or is it gonna stay there?

this guy told me I tempted him... he never told me what he meant by 'tempted' but anyway...

he would say 'ur sexy', 'ur beautiful', 'i love ur personality', 'I'm tempted by ur smile' blah blah... the basic stuff an interested guy would say.

he stopped talking to me recently and he doesn't even look at me..

so I was wondering in this scenario would he still be attracted to me?

can guys lose attraction that fast? (after a couple weeks)


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What Guys Said 1

  • well I don't think we lose attraction.. for me if I'm attracted to a girl its because of there figure and personality...but its most likely he lost interest because he was trying to get some action and it didn't work.


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  • he probably meant he wanted yu, like in a sexual manor. and it sounds like yu didn't give him what he wanted, so maybe he moved on and is now trying to get in another girls pants.

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