I am using 40 volume bleach tomarrow anytips to make it even slightly less damaging?

I've already done everything I can do to prepare and my hair is really healthy but is there anything I can do to lighten it faster I've already bleached it twice or to make it so less damage occurs would be great thanks.


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  • Not really, it's gonna kill your hair. But when/if you die it mix the dye with conditioner. You need to use a little more and leave it in a little longer but also there's conditioner soaking into your hair. Then if you can woman up and put mayonnaise in your hair that stuff works magic. Maybe after you bleach wash it then put mayo in your hair and let it sit for awhile then washe it out. You'll most likely have to wait a day to dye it then.

    • Thank u I have really strong hair I've used 30 volume twice already in the last two weeks and my hair isn't damaged at all weeks but itbwas black and ik going fir lavender I've just never used 40 volume and I was a bit skeptic

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    • I'm not using a blue based but next time if I try to achieve this color again i have school so my hair will have to be dyed a natural color at the end of summer so if I want a bright color next summer I will have to bleach it again thanks for the tip about the bleach

    • Yeah no problem!

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  • If you're using a 40 volume developer, odds are that it is going to be damaging. Avoid using sulfate & alcohol products when you will be taking a shower. Actually, it's best to avoid them overall. And don't apply heat on it.

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