Do you really date what you really want?

This other question someone had brought up a thought that I have had myself, She asked what I would prefer when it comes to just hair color in a girl what I find attractive. Ok then well what I really find attractive in a girl with skin color, eyes, hair, body type, and personality, really has not been what I have been dating but its almost like the opposite sometimes WTF does anyone else notice this or is it something else?


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  • I was just talking to a freind about this. there is a boy in one of my classes and originally I didn't even find him the least bit attractive (not my"type" at all). well I ended up talking to him and so forth, loved his personality and now I would say he is easily one of the most attractive boys in all my classes. I think if you end up clicking with a person, regardless of whether they are your usual type or not, they become so much more attractive and possibly exactly what you never knew you wanted...

  • I completely agree with what JaneDoe33 said - spot on!


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