It could be about the way she acts/dresses/does her makeup/ in bed

Anything just say the truth ! :)


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  • no respect for my time:

    most people sleep 6-8 hours a day.

    most people work 8+ hours a day.

    most people commute to and from work.

    most people shower, brush their teeth, groom, etc

    most people take time to eat their food

    most people don't have more than 3-5 hours to themselves after they do all those things.

    how I choose to spend that time should be completely up to me, without pressure or guilt-trips on where to spend it, or punishment for not spending it where I want to. if I got a parking ticket, or want to work out, or want to spend time with my friends, or just want to relax and watch sports; I should be able to spend MY TIME doing exactly that.

    unattractive: when a girl pressures you or tries to make you feel bad for not spending your time with her. when a girl punishes you for not spending your time with her.

    no respect for my money:

    most people bust their butt in school and work, in order to progress with their careers.

    people trade-off comfort, fun, pleasures, and enjoyment in order to earn more money.

    how, when, and how much of it I choose to spend is entierly my choice. if I get called cheap because the necklace I got you for christmas was from Jareds and not from Tiffany's or Harry Winston, or you pretend to reach into your purse as if you're actually going to pay on the first date, while you take turns looking at the bill and giving me the death stare as if I'm obligated to pay for you because you are a girl and I'm a guy and that magically entitles you to a benefactor and magically obligates me to be that benefactor, sorry, you can find someone else.

    unattractive: a girl who doesn't work, or if she's still in school, has no respectable goals or serious long-term plans for her life. is a financial mess. spends more than she makes. does not earn more than the national average, and is borderline bankrupt and up to her eyeballs in debt; but expects me to jump in and save her or take care of her for the rest of her life.

    no respect for our relationship:

    men are not stupid.

    society allows us to hide behind the dumb and clueless male stereotype.

    but in reality, we're just as aware of framing, re-framing, and indirect manipulation as you are.

    I want to feel safe in my relationship. like we're a team, and I have a partner who I can trust and love, and who respects and loves me. if you're short on cash and want me to take you shopping, please don't waste your breath and say "you need something small" or "just want company"; it only makes me laugh at you on the inside, see you as dishonest and manipulative, trust you less, lose respect for you, which ruins our relationship. the same goes for anything. please don't fake a headache, just say you're not in the mood, and believe me I'll understand. and easy with trying to push this magical fairy-tale notion of love & marriage, just tell me you want security, and I'll think about it.

    oh yeah, and easy on the make-up please; it's really a huge turn-off..


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  • I don't like a lot of makeup, almost none or none is best... Dressing baggy is sometimes a turn off as well, having said that its different if she's wearing your clothes like a t-shirt which is too big for her, then its sort of cute :) In bed nothing really turns me off, that I know of yet lol So long as she isn't acting stupid there isn't really a problem? its not that common anyway...

  • Maybe I'm alone here but I hate when a girl brings up sex talk fairly early, like within the first 20 minutes of knowing them. Yea I'm a guy and sex is great but its so class less and trashy. I just think I'm gonna avoid her because I don't want to catch what she has. I guess that could fall into desperate for attention also when a girl can't stop talking about how great she is and all the great things she's done.

  • Honestly my biggest turn offs are immaturity and stupidity. I will let a lot of stuff slide, but if she's immature or uneducated I'm done.

  • IMO inappropriate dressing style is a big turn-off... and also the girls of think-slim-stay-fat mentality... :D

  • oh well the biggest turnoff for me is using lots of makeup omg I feel like wtf :D I can't even describe it..2nd 1 is the very tight and the baggy cloths either are turn offs to me , bitchy acting is turn off too , hmm nothing in bed could turn me off rly :D I guess that's all..


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