Sexy text messages?

Girls do you like it when a guy (that you know) sends you sexy flirtatious text messages? Maybe you guys can give me some tips since I am not experienced in this area.

Thanks for the advice.


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  • yes I love it

    makes me think he's thinking of me especially if he sends a text first

    so ur asking I thinks what are some examples perhaps?

    well it totally depends on the girl

    if she is sporty them something like hey great game last night you played really well

    if you don't kno what to say a smiley is always a good choice

    • Girls like flirty mixed with affection. we need the affectionate to stimulate our oxitocin (our love chemical). so throw in a few sentences with hugging, kissing, cuddeling in it as well as the other stuff. this will totaly work

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  • hell yes! tell her you can't stop thinking of her eyes...what you are going to do when you see her (aka grab you and kiss you) or more x-rated if that is what you are into.

  • yes yes yes love me some sexting<3333

    go all out and tell her wut you would do to her if you kno wut I mean (; lol


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