Creative/cute way to ask this boy I really like to Sadies?

i need a really creative/cute way to ask this boy I really like to Sadies. we've been talking for awhile and I'm all out of ideas. have any?


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  • Oh, you got to know who one of his teachers are who is pretty chill. Then you go to talk to that teacher and ask for a "little help." Write a note and leave it in an envelope or something, so it looks official (even go as far as put a stamp on it, lol, and we'll get to what to write later) and ask the teacher to give it to him after class, but say it in a manner so he thinks he's in trouble by telling him at the beginning of class or something that the teacher has a letter for him. This way he's curious all class long. Then he thinks he's in trouble and waits after class, gets the letter, and it'll say something like "look for the girl at lunch (or whatever time you see him) with the (and describe something you wear, something unique) here you'll find a surprise!"

    And then just ask him after he figures it out, lol. But I think it'd be kinda funny if you got a teacher in on it, ha.


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  • 1) get a blank puzzle from a craft store, write "Sadies with [your name]?", put the pieces in an envelope and somehow get it to him:)

    2) get a plain white tshirt, take washable marker and write a ton of girls' names on it, then write your own name in permanent marker, and "Sadies with" in permanent marker at the top. attatch a note teling him to wash it with soap (so the washable marker comes off)!

    3) bake him cookies/brownies etc and write it on top with frosting/candy

    4) if you're in his math/science class, type it out on your calculator and pass it over if he asks to borrow one, or if you're working togetherr

    hope this helps!

    I used the first one, and he thought it was creative(:

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