Girls, how I can show off my undie?

Bending down is one way.. suggest me another tricks please


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  • You are also Charlieadaline aren't you?
    First Question. Why two accounts to ask the same question?

    Second Question. What purpose are trying to show your underwear at "malls"? It only attracts negative attention. It sounds like your doing it on purpose at more than one mall. Like specifically at malls. -_-

    Last Question. What's with the choice word undies? Like why not boxers or briefs? >.<

    • Actually I forgot my password so activated 2accnt. I like if some girl gets smile after watching it. Ya briefs or boxer basically we want to show waist line n some below. thanks for reply.

    • I don't think the smiles they give aren't positive ones. But if your packing a lot, and have a great body, well maybe. But wouldn't you feel more rewarded knowing girls are smiling at your face? Instead of at the fact your boxers are showing? There is no way to show off underwear in a sexy way, unless a guy is just shirtless. But girls might be finding it more humorous that boxers are exposed on an everyday occasion.

    • I know many might b laughing, I can bear their laugh at me. one out of 10 girl likes my act I m happy. For her happyness I can do. It's simply exposing some underwear only.

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