I have no idea what my next move is?

right, really messy break-up with my ex. obviously I still miss him, I think there will always be a part of me that will; we were close. Yet when we broke up, I was adamant that I should get everything out of my system and really wait till I didn't have those sort of feelings for my ex if I wanted to try and pursue another relationship. Which I thought was wise, seeing as my ex is already on to in second girlfriend since me (its been about 3 months).

Yet, I'm now at the stage where I would like to be in another relationship and I've started to like this guy I go to college with. Really lovely, and in all honesty probably the best guy for me after my ex. At first (before I realized that I liked him) we just joked around, laughed a lot, talked and had play fights etc. was great. And he always seem to be looking over at me, or he'd walk over to where I was, even if he didn't talk. I realized that I liked him when he came round mine for a "pj/movie' day, and well it was so much fun. There was nothing sexual or pressurizing or really awkward of, well anything.

So I finally plucked up the courage and told him, and when I asked if he felt the same he said "i don't know. I've been thinking about it for a while now. I'm sorry. I just need to think".

so I said ahh that's all cool. and we haven't spoken about it since, yet when we've seen each other we still talk and mess around etc.

i know that the obvious answer is to wait until he makes his mind up, but within the last couple of days, he hasn't talked to me online and when I tried to engage him in conversation he gave really blunt responses. so I just left it.

and well waiting in general...its painful for me, my ex made me wait at the end of the relationship because he didn't know what he wanted. :(

so know I have no idea what my next move is. I like him now, so it's going to be difficult as I don't know how he feels back. and I don't want to pressurize him for a response.

also at the same time, it feels like there is no one out there, that would be good for me, as in someone I could have a relationship with. for example where I live, most guys are actually all the same. all the same style, or stuck up their own asses or just going for the plastic girls.

any advice would be much appreciated. :)

thank you.


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  • This is just my advice, but I say you should date a few guys before you pursue another relationship. You need to get the ex out of your system. Many girls/guys will go after a guy/girl that's nothing like her ex after a bad relationship. It's just one of the symptom of a broken heart. This sort of relationship almost never works out, because the chemistry is screwed up before the relationship begins.


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