What, specifically, are some of the more feminine qualities you enjoy?

I see some guys saying they really like feminine female. What, specifically, are some of the more feminine qualities you enjoy?


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  • Girly girls for sure. When they really do care how they look, they will try to make themselves look the best or the sexiest they can be. The way they touch me, look at me, smile at me, talk to me.


    1) They dress themselves well( fixing hair, eyes, make up, clothing)

    2) They way they flirt ( slapping your hand or another part of your body, staring deep into your eyes, giving you a great smile)

    3) The way they smell (perfume, hairspray, lotion)

    -pretty much girly girls, perky.

    I'm attracted to girly girls that a bit perky but not the ones that got that annoying voice and they can't be too slow,( not being dumb)


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  • Just them acting like a women/girl. That doesn't include:

    Things such as shopping. Etc. Or money related issues.

    It means. Just acting feminine. For instance getting pretty. Acting like a women, and not trying to be so freaking dominant. We know it's the 21st century but women are still women and men are still men. And we enjoy that. We enjoy that we are different and that god made us that way, and we like to see it, it's attractive!

  • I honestly like it when she lets me open the door for her, or pull out her chair for her. The best feminine female makes a guy feel like a manly man.

  • Girls that look good naturally. Eye liner is fine. But eye thickener. No aka putting clumps of eyeliner on. Its called a line for one reason.

  • I thank when I can open doors help with a chair and things like that it lest me fell like I'm doing something special for a girl and that makes me fell good


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