Scene hair tutorial?

K guys, so.. I really want to cut my hair in kind I the scene style.. My hair is really just plain right now, and parted to one side. My hair is all equal length as well. I wanted to mnow I you guys had really good step by step tutorials to go from normal hair to scene hair? YouTube videos or written tutorials are good, thanks!


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  • Okay, I know you probably don't want to hear this. But back when I was in middle school I was into the whole scene look. I will tell you if I could go back I would've definitely change what I did. I cut my hair in short choppy layers and my longest layer was down to my ass. I dyed it. Teased it. And my hair 3 and 1/2 years later is still ruined. I stopped dying it and let my natural color back but it doesn't ex out all the damage that it did... I just wanted to inform you on that just so you know and can maybe think about it. Anyway if you do go through with it there is plenty of youtube videos. Look up christina grimmes hair tutorial. Her hair is not as destroyed as mine but she has a shine, and the volume and choppy layers. Its fantastic.

    • Thanks! I'll try to be careful. I'm not going too crazy with dyeing it, bright colours don't really look good on me cause I'm really pale! Haha! Thank you though I'll do that!

    • Okay, Have fun!!

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