Guys of GaG. If you were to do your girlfriends make-up what would you want them to look like? Girls of GaG. How would you react to your mans skills?

Guys post a picture of how you want them to looks vs. how you think they'd end up looking. Girls post a picture of how you'd hope to look vs. what you know you'd look like.

  • (Male) I'd do terrible and she'd kill me for it.
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  • (Male) I'd do great because I'm kick ass at everything.
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  • (Female) He'd do terrible don't let him near my face unless I can do his make-up too.
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  • (Female) He'd do great because he's kick ass at everything.
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Don't forget to answer and post pictures guys.
You people do know that it's ok to comment instead of just voting right?


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