What is WRONG with ME?

Ok, so I was just reading the recent poll from guys on the site about what attracts them most. I must say I am a little on edge about the results. I have always been praised for being a beautiful woman and girl. My boyfriends tells me all the time that I am VERY attractive, more than almost any woman he has ever met because of both my external beauty and because of my internal beauty. I have blue eyes, about 5'8", medium brown (w/ lighter tones) curly hair, I am not a size 0 more like an 8-10 on average, although I wear a size 4 dress because I am so small around my waist and chest area. I have a very flat fit stomach but a little more behind, I wear a size 32AA (guys this is smaller than an A). Now according to the review I am not attractive! However, all I am told by people is that I am really cute and attractive. I am not trying to boast but I have men ask me out daily so I know its not just my family and boyfriend of a year and a half that tell me to make me feel better! I feel a little funny about this subject! What's wrong with me that according to you guys I am not attractive! >? I feel like I look VERY healthy. I work out on a daily basis (i tore my ACL so its tough to work out a lot), I love myself and other people, I have always achieved excellent grades, I am an athlete, I believe I am a good person and even though this question doesn't look so I am very self-less often! So guys (and girls if you wish), what is wrong with me that I am considered unattractive?

The question. What is wrong with me. Is meant to show people that this poll tells woman that they need to have a certain size chest, hair color, eye color, and look a specific way to be attractive. It causes cognitive dissonance! :/


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  • There are 2 problems here first when you ask any one what is attractive in general they will describe this idealistic form of beauty that society as a whole has set as a standard, this is the same standard that most women will strive to get. The problem with that is this is only one aspect of beauty that women can achieve. But there are all sorts of combinations of traits that can achieve "perfect" beauty. You have found what works for your body type and you should be very proud. The second problem is with you, stop comparing your beauty to different body types. And just because you have a different body type than that of the "standard" beauty doesn't mean that you are not attractive. You have your body type and have found out how to achieve its beauty.

    In my opinion every woman has her own type of beauty and by finding out what traits to accentuate (bring out) she can achieve her own "perfect" beauty. I love women they are all beautiful and they each have their own beauty no one woman is more beautiful that the other as long as they learn to be okay with who they are and use what they have instead of trying to change to make up for what they think they don't.

    I think is horrible that women try to change themselves to look like this "idealistic" beauty that society has set that in real life doesn't look all that good.

    The key to true beauty is to be okay with your body and what you do have to make your outer appearance beautiful and to mentally know that you have your own beauty and you look good in your own way


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  • A picture would help.

    You sound like you have all the right tools to achieve that self-confidence that you desire but it won't come until you fully believe it about yourself.

    What cause this sudden self doubt about yourself? Who's said that you are unattractive?

    I have some hot friends who complain about their looks. I think they just have holes in their personality and attribute guys like liking them because of the way they look rather then their personalities.

    You list all these positive aspects of your physical and emotional self but yet, you don't feel the confidence that you should feel about yourself. Maybe you should look deeper as to what it is that you want to fix about yourself to achieve that confidence you desire.

    • Agreed. A picture would help. I'd recommend using hotornot or something like that as well as they're more accurate than reality check IMO.

  • Society also says that men should be the provider and if he does puff his chest and assets out, he's not worthy of a high quality female.

    What exactly are you selling of yourself? looks or your personality? I understand that looks are very important for women but in the end, what kind of people do you want to surround yourself with? People who highly value physical attraction or a combination of personality and looks?

    This "look" that girls strive to achieve is unattainable for the avg female just like the "hot and mysterious guy" is also far fetched.

    Anyone who doesn't like you or enjoy your company should go Fuck themselves.

  • I saw your profile. If you have a boyfriend already then what is there to fear. This guy Bruce finds you attractive enough to want to be with you even if it is a long distance relationship. I think that poll just pissed you off enough to say something about yourself and maybe see if you really are attractive to other men that have not seen the poll. According to your description of you, you seem well maintained but just like "That-Guy" said, you do need to post a few pictures on your profile. Men are visual, then we can give you sound advice.

  • There's nothing wrong with you, different people like things differently. Even the most attractive woman(According to your poll) will have man disliking her.


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  • You need to keep in mind that everyone finds something different beautiful. Have you looked at most runway models? Most of them are very odd looking, but to some, they're gorgeous.

    If you have people tell you that you are attractive then clearly you are not considered unattractive, so I just don't get why you're posting this. Are you trying to get compliments? Or just trying to be cocky? Because if you're being cocky, I gotta tell you, that will make even the most attractive person unattractive in my eyes. Honey confidence is great, but there's a limit.

    • Actually, I am not trying to be cocky. More or less I am upset that this poll was posted by the site. People are beautiful in there own ways, both internally and externally. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR COMPLIMENTS! I am not too sure why you would react in such a way to create a self serving bias. I am simply raising awareness that the poll should not even be posted.

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    • Obviously. But in this case it shouldn't be posted because its biased for that exact reason!

    • Everything will always be biased in some way. Would you be complaining if the polls said that everything about you was attractive and everything else was not? Probably not.

  • My boyfriend loves boobs... But he doesn't care about boob size.

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