I'm totally hoping I can get him to like me.

So this guy works next door in the Apple store. I walked in and I was having him explain how the Mac Snow Leopard software works. We were making lots of eye contact, he's kinda smiley. He was saying something is "easy as cake- and everyone loves cake..." and we somehow got on the subject of Facebook and how my mom is on there, and he said, "does she ever leave messages like 'hey honey, you left you underwear in the dryer today"

so he's making some cheesy jokes and seems talkative. I told him he should come in and try some stuff on, and he said that once he gets paid he will because he likes to get his thermals from the store I work at.

I mean, its all incredibly subtle stuff. So I'm just wondering if there is something I'm missing, and what I should do.


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  • The eye contact, the smiles and the corney jokes are possible flirting signs. Just try to talk casually and engage him in conversation like you would a normal friend. Add him on Facebook, and ask him if he'd like to hang out sometime doing something you both enjoy (which you'd find out by talking to him more. Don't be afraid of doing these things, these are just some simple ways that people get to know each other. Best of luck.


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  • he was digging you, just go back in and try to start another convo


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  • well I think that he's doing a lot of flirting for a good reason. there's something there. it may be to soon to tell what that something is but if you just give it time it will work out.


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