My black trousers with white blotches after washing. Can you help please?

At my job we switched to a uniform that includes black cotton trousers. Since we got them I have had white blotches on the trousers after they are washed. I think it is from the washing machine water. Note: I have a high efficiency top loading washer, and I have tried 2 different brands of detergents. I have to wipe all this off with a damp wash cloth afterwards. Does anyone know how to keep this from happening?


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  • You're probably using too much soap in too full of a load. Try to cut back a little and see if it helps.

  • did you add bleach or is it contained in the detergent?

    • No bleach added or in the detergent. I can wipe these off, but I'd prefer them not to be there at all.

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    • Not yet, but I will now. Thanks for the idea.

    • sure :)

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