How important is eye contact/smiling?

Let's say a decent looking guy walked up to you and made a comment on your shirt or something of that nature.

How important would it be if he were smiling at the time? What if he were looking at the ground and didn't make eye contact?

Would it pique your interest of him if he came off friendly and confident by making eye contact and smiling?

Just curious to see how important body language is.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I love eye contact. It adds to the intensity of the interaction. It shows confidence, determination, and interest. If a guy came up to me looking at the ground and shuffling his feet, I'd feel he isn't comfortable with who he is, which means extra work, and hardship during the relationship. As smiling goes, I'm not always a happy person, but if he were flirting with me, I'd like a romantic smirk, or alluring smile. Usually those are to the side of the face.


What Guys Said 1

  • it's pretty important. the non verbal signs you give off can definitely affect how someone perceives you

    you would not want to avoid eye contact and such if you want to at least *appear* confident (even if you're not) and friendly

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