How do I make myself more attractive?

right now my look is:

short dirty blonde hair (defined as a beach blonde who naturally turned brown)

a blonde goatee

5'8" 125 lbs. (I look underweight cause I hardly have muscle)

and I dress like a 90's kid. just jeans and a shirt.

without making me look gay/bi or metro (cause I'm straight) what can I do to make myself more attractive?

wear glasses too. I refuse to wear contacts


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  • Well it would be easier if you posted a pic to see. But this is easy.. GO TO THE GYM! train for an hour a day, 5 times a week and eat plenty of decent food, you will bulk up in no time, that will make you more attractive to women alone. then just change your style.. look at my pics and see, I am your height and used to be the same weight, I was scrawny and dressed like a hobo with tatty jeans and plain t shirts, then I got a hair cut and worked out, now I always have women on my arms

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