Sugar waxing on upper lip/face ?

so my question is how do you actually sugar wax your upper lip? i have quite a bit of hair on my upper lip and after going through a lot of videos of youtube i made my own sugar wax. the waxing did take out considerable amount of hair from my thighs but it would not work on my upper lip and the middle part of the eyebrows :(
i am quite afraid to use veet facial hair removing cream because some people reported that their lip beeded from using that and i dont also want to get chemicals involved to remore those unwanted hair.
how do i do it or what do i do to get it removed instantly?


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  • Perhaps investing in wax strips, a small wax kit, or even bleaching if all else fails.
    I'm 19 currently. During puberty 13-18 for me, the hair on my body got darker and I noticed hair on my body more (arms, legs, lip, stomach, back, chest) and it made me really insecure. But I didn't think to eradicate it, I sort of left it alone and hid it. But once the rough puberty phase subsided, those hairs thinned out and even lightened, now they're not even noticeable.

    I truthfully suggest waiting it out to see what your body does :) because if you shave etc., it'll grow back even thicker than it is now and will continue for years to come. Maybe wait it out and just see what happens! It's not like you can't still get rid of it, but why get rid of something that could just go away instead of fueling the fire.

    Just remember, you're 17. You have time.

    And if you're worried about school, other teens, etc., just remember that everyone your age is struggling with their own insecurities and you don't generally have ANY reminders of that time in your life after high school ends because everyone is trying to forget :P the only one who will remember those tiny details is you, my only suggestion is to wait. Your hairs might thin, lighten, or even completely go away.


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  • i haven't heard of this method, i use a facial hair removing cream that smells like almond and it takes everything away and makes my skin look smooth i love it so much what would i do without it? dont be afraid to use the cream unless u have sensitive skin