How can I improve my looks?

I like the way I look and I feel good in my own skin, I just want to know what are your sincere opinions about it, good or bad and what can I do to improve ( different haircut, beard etc )

No more gel for me then : ))
here it's me now link


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  • I feel that you look fine but every girl is going to have a different opinion. I like guys who are clean shaven and have slightly longer hair than you, like about an inch or so and then you have flexibility to style it :) and also I think you look well dressed. try using mousse as well and a different style. other than that you look fine

  • What's to improve? You're very good looking! I don't think you need to change anything IMO.

    However, if you want to experiment with different hair styles or growing a beard then do so. Look on the Internet at some styles, try them out and see what kind of feedback you generate. For example, I was a blonde and I dyed my hair dark brown and red. Many people love it! My Mom however thinks I look like a slut so...

    Good luck!

  • Well, some people aren't born to look good! You deffinitely aren't !

    Look at your hair my man!


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  • It depends on what you want...

    If you want to "FEEL" better, then it comes down to diet, fitness, and self esteem. The more lumber-some you are, the more sloth like your physiology. You might be amazed at how influenced our emotions are by our health, and visa-versa. Sad Thoughts = Sad Body. Sad Face = Sad Feelings. Etc...

    If you want to be more "ATTRACTIVE" to women, then you need to learn what attraction is - for women. Read this: link

    Breast of luck!

    ~ Robby

    • LOL

      Typo or not, that's funny.

    • I SAID I AM HAPPY THE WAY I AM, just wanted some opinions

    • Oh, well in that case, my opinion is that you should grow a beard and wear more plaid.

  • Chicks think facial hair looks tacky and people with red hair really don't look too good with it (look at that guy from the mythbusters). If you are still using hair gel, toss that out and get some crew products. Seems like you are pretty athletic so work with that with your clothes, chicks love a healthy guy. Most important though, is a good clean smile and clean nails.

  • You look fine to me dude.

    From what I've learned all you need is a suit. Maybe try positioning a cash note so it slightly pokes out of your pocket. That ought to work.

  • grow a goatee. you'd look like Seth Green

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