Do men find their pregnant wives attractive?

I'm having our second baby and was just starting to become happy with my body after having our first. He says I am way to hard on myself, and I get checked out regularly so I know I'm hot but I feel like I look totally different then I did when we were in high school I used to be really skinny but muscular with a booty I was a cheerleader. Now I am not fat but I'm not really skinny anymore. I still have my booty and bigger boobs but just feel thicker. now that my belly is popping again I want to know do men usually find their pregnant wives attractive?


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  • If he loves you when you're not pregnant with his child and finds you attractive then he should be more so into you when you are pregnant with his child because your hormones are sky rocketed as well as your estrogen levels. This will sound a little crude but if he still has sex with you and tells you you're beautiful w/o problems of umm... well flat out getting it up then he's totally into you 100% and almost nothing would change that =) Have a great day!


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  • Well, the closest experience I have is a girl I met while she was pregnant. She was my height, and body wise, think Pam Grier when she was in her prime. But even pregnant I thought she was gorgeous. Belly and all.

  • I've seen a couple of women that was pregnant and I had to turn around and look again.

    Some women look simply stunning even when pregnant...


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  • They should if they don't. Hell its because of them that we look like Santa Clause for 9 months and have to go through all the physical and emotional changes.

    • Yes because we had no participation or say so for birth control...

    • Im talking about if it is a planned pregnancy and the guy is not attracted to you. When you engage in sex, you know the consequences and there is more than just one way of contraception...condoms, pill or just say no...when it comes to YOUR body you always have a say.

    • I agree with bnwsmile...there shouldn't be any blame