Weird to have no certain style?

I can definitely say I have no exact style. Here's an example of what I could wear during the school week:

Monday: Hollister shirt/casual jeans

Tuesday: Marilyn Manson shirt/khaki shorts

Wednesday: Sports T-Shirt/Basketball shorts

Thursday: Sweater Vest/More stylish jeans

Friday: Plain white T-Shirt and sweats

Call me lazy or whatever, I just don't like to restrict myself to what I wear. If it looks cool, I'll wear it. I don't know how some kids in my school could wear the same style of clothing every single day. I'd be too bored. I like mixing it up.


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  • No It's not weird at all! I do the same thing... I would hate to limit myself to only one type of clothing... I wear skinnies, I wear skirts, I wear high waisted, I wear low pants, I wear jeans, I wear sweats, I wear plain running shows, I wear high tops, I wear pumas, I wear regular t-shirts, I wear name brands, I wear big sweaters, I wear cardigans and the list goes on... but I always wear matching socks... haha

    but don't sweat it, I like to call people like that original... *gasp* LOL

    keep at it!

  • That's a lot better the guys who wear the same thing over and over


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