College wardrobe for men?

startin freshman year soon I typically wear jeans a tshirt and timberlands (backwoodsboy). I want to have a new wardrobe. What to wear?


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  • Here's all you need:
    2 white button down oxford shirts
    2 light blue button down oxford shirts
    2 pairs of fitted khaki pants
    3 pairs of jeans (black, light blue, navy blue)
    1 fitted suit (preferably black or grey)
    A few plaid shirts
    At least 2 white crewneck shirts
    At least 1 black crewneck shirt
    At least 1 grey crewneck shirt
    1 white or black henley shirt
    1 winter coat (whatever you like)
    1 or more sweatshirts
    1 light jacket

    Optional items:
    Leather jacket (not for everyone, and can be very expensive, but worth paying for a nice one)
    1 or 2 graphic tees (just for fun)
    Shorts (probably good to get at least one pair)

    Black dress shoes
    Brown dress shoes
    Gym sneakers

    Also: Sperrys, Vans, Chuck Taylors, Slip-on loafers, flip flops (a nice pair)

    So you can dress for an interview, a date, hanging out in the summer, hanging out in the winter, walking through a cold place, walking through a hot place, going on an airplane, going to the mall, visiting someone. Hope this helped, and these are just recommendations, you don't have to buy everything or even anything I listed. just trying to help.


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  • Whatever you feel comfortable in, thats what I would go for

  • I depends on school. Party school, blueblood school, are u going gQ, casual, semi casual

    • East Strouds Burg university it's in P. A. when i visted I saw a lot of guys dressed like me some dressed like preps I don't know what todo

    • Dude dress how u feeel comfortable. It might be a good thing if u dont look like the rest

    • Thanks man I wan't to join a fraternity i just feel i need to achieve the PREPPY image

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