Can an opinion of a guy change when he improves style?

For college girls or women in general sees certain guys at different places.

A guy you normally see in classes or around campus changes hairstyle to a way that's considered a lot more attractive compared to what it was before (More neat combed like hair becomes more messy and spiky with products). Basically from nottie to hottie.

What I want to know is would your opinion or view on them change if you have seen or interacted with a for quite a while before the drastic change? What about things you've noticed or heard about him (awkwardness, shyness, labeled as a dork or loner), would opinion about him change of he became more attractive and more outgoing?


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  • Yeah if he came off lame before and then changed his style and began looking better my opinion of him would change. If he was awkward and dorky but became more confident my opinion would change. As long as I didn't hear anything really bad about him (mean, nasty, rapist, etc) then my opinion could change when he makes positive changes


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