Girls, some good fashion do you like on guys?

What everyday clothes do you like most on guys? Any specific combinations etc? I'm not really into fashion, I know what I like, I just want to know if you ladies like it too!

I know for different occasions some clothes fit better, I'm curious about everyday, going to the store, meeting friends type.

  • Jeans and T-shirts
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  • Khakis and polos
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  • Business casual
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  • Suits
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  • Sandals and Hawaiian shirts (Beach style)
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  • Work boots, torn jeans, tank top
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  • Other (explain)
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  • Khakis are actually attractive lol. Any casual dress is attractive when it looks good on you, and same goes for dressing on occasions. there's not really one kind if style that I'm most fond of. Every style is unique, and if you work it with confidence, that's always attractive :)


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  • i like jeans and t shirt... if they are nice...
    i like swag.

  • Khakis are ok but polos for me is dad clothes...

    • So khakis and t shirts for you?

    • Nah jeans or work pants are always the best, specially jeans or even leather when the guy has a nice ass, which my boyfriend does, like gay men buys him drinks nice.

    I swear any guy can go from ugly to super attractive in khakis, they just look so nice. My crush sometimes wears them and they just do something to me

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